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Integrated Sachs Wolfe Effect - redshifting?

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    I think this have been discussed a lot, however, here it comes again right in front of me. I'm talking about this article (and also in my class notes):


    and in particular at this paragraph:

    So my problem is, how can you talk about an accelerated universe when you look at a supercluster object?
    The accelerated universe makes sense in the FRW metric. However a supercluster (a group of galaxies+clusters that I believe are gravitationally bound -and so the gravitational redshifting of ISW) cannot be described by FRW metric... So how does the well gets "stretched" during the photon's stay in it?
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    A cosmological constant makes it so that gravitationally-bound systems aren't perfectly stable over time. The larger the system is, the more it is impacted. The cosmological constant causes gravitational potential wells and voids to decay over time.
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