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Interaction Energy how does it transform between inertial frames?

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    Energy is not an invariant quantity between different frames of reference. For example a particle having a kinetic energy in one frame has a zero kinetic energy in another frame. But what about interaction energy? If I know the interaction energy between 2 particles in one frame, how can I calculate that energy in another one?
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    What is an interaction energy?
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    By using the stress-energy-momentum tensor. If we're speaking classically then one must not allow the particle to be a point particle since then you run into infinite energy.
    The mutual potential energy between to objects is a good example.

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    interaction energy

    Probably the paper
    T. Plakhotnik "Explicit derivation of the relativistic mass-energy relation for internal kinetic and potential energies of a composite system," Eur.J.Phys. 27, 1-5 2006
    could be usefull.
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