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Interactions between polar materials and magnetic field

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    "interactions between polar materials and electric field"
    sorry typing error.

    polar materials are those who have a permanent dipole ( like water molecules ) but these dipoles doesn't appear on the macroscopic scale due to their random orientation , so what if this polar medium is subjected to some electric field , the dipoles will align them selves and the medium will be polarized to oppose the outward field.

    now if the outward field is gone , would the dipoles remain as they are ? and would the dipoles in the medium some up to be significant in the macroscopic scale ? or would the dipoles be randomly oriented again?

    and what will happen in the same case but if the material medium was non-polar ?
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    What you describe is an http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electret" [Broken].

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    You can do a simple examination, rub a plastic ruler to your hair and close it to thin dropper water; you can observe the deflection of water column just at closest area.

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