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Interest rates

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    Find the effective yield on a discount loan with the given discount rate r and the time. (Round your answer to two decimal places.)

    r = 2.7%, 11 months

    I tried using the equation r=(1+i/t)^t, but could not come up with the exact correct answer. I know the answer should be about 2.8 or 2.9. Is this the correct equation? I'm not exactly sure how the discount loan part plays into this. Thanks.
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    if by effective yield, you mean the annualized equivalent yield, then 1.027^12/11 or about 2.95%. In words, "if I can earn 2.7% over the 11 month period, I wonder what I could earn in the same investment for an additional month, assuming the investment provider gives me the same periodic rate ?"

    The equation assumes that the 2.7% is the effective rate. If it's the nominal rate, then the effective rate over the 11 months is (1+r/11)^11, 2.73% and the annualized equivalent is 1.0273^12/11 or 2.99%
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    Thanks for the help
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