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Interesting Calc of Variations Problems

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    Hi everybody,

    I'm a long-time reader and new poster. At the moment I am looking for some interesting Calculus of variations problems to present to 2nd year maths students.

    Naturally, I am already looking at the historical problems, The Brachistochrone, and I also have an applications of minimal surface area using bubbles.

    I had also considered crafting a question out of non-euclidean geometry, which looks at shortest distance over a sphere.

    I have also considered the cruise climb problem of minimizing fuel while an aircraft climbs to cruising altitude.

    I am looking for a couple more ideas problems that will make students really think, and not just sit there bored out of their brains.

    I would give more details, but I have to run to work.
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    I once saw geodesics on the cylinder, given by my old lecturer. The book Analytical Mechanics by Louis N. Hand and Janet D. Finch offers some fun and interesting problems.
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    you should try ramsey's model its an aplication to economics
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