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Aerospace Intermeshing rotor helicopters/synchropters hard to fly?

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    i was reading an article about the Kaman K-max being used as a UAV, and there were comments about how this helicopter is harder to fly than a traditional main-and-tail-rotor helicopter ... the large number of accidents of the K-max also seems to suggest the same thing

    why is this? to me, the symmetrical design of the helicopter is intuinitive, if you showed a synchropter and a normal helicopter to person who has never seen a helicopter and asked them to fly it, the person would likely choose the synchropter
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    Afaik, the Kaman is in fact easier to fly than conventional helicopters, thanks to the absence of torque effects.
    The vehicle has been used mostly for short haul cargo hoist operations, by loggers and builders. That kind of work tends to be more accident prone than the normal helicopter usage, which is mostly shuttling people from one landing site to another.
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