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International Year of Light: Article Collection

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    Thanks for your resource. What is the International Year of Light? What kinds of articles are in the collection?
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    The International Year of Light is a UNESCO event focused on light science and its applications. Taylor & Francis have put together a collection of articles on light and light-based technologies specifically focused on the following themes:
    • Focus Journal: Contemporary Physics
    • Art and Culture
    • Light in Life
    • Photonics
    • Solar Power
    • Technology
    We also have other article collections such as highly cited and downloaded papers which can be found here: http://explore.tandfonline.com/content/est/physics


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    This is similar to honoring the "international year of physics" back in 2005, and the "international year of astronomy" in 2009. This year, 2015, it is focusing on "light".

    It is too bad that the OP never bothered to link to the official International Year of Light webpage. There's a lot of info and list of official events that can be found there.

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