What is Photonics: Definition and 72 Discussions

Photonics is the physical science and application of light (photon) generation, detection, and manipulation through emission, transmission, modulation, signal processing, switching, amplification, and sensing. Though covering all light's technical applications over the whole spectrum, most photonic applications are in the range of visible and near-infrared light. The term photonics developed as an outgrowth of the first practical semiconductor light emitters invented in the early 1960s and optical fibers developed in the 1970s.

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  1. Aramaan

    Physics Physics Graduate planning to do research in photonics

    Hey, I was just contemplating career opportunities after my Undergrad. I am slightly interested in theoretical physics but I can't imagine doing it the rest of my life. My main interests are nano-photonics and quantum technologies and I am planning to do research in these fields. I am not...
  2. physicsclaus

    How to calculate gating time from the rate of the random coincidence?

    Hello everyone, I am now doing experiment related to quantum erasure. After plotting the correlation measurement with and without blocking one of the polarization from the SPDC source (say, V polarization), I do not know how to work further on the gating time from the rate of the random...
  3. A

    I Light coupling in fiber optic cables

    Hi Everyone! I have a photonics problem that I was wondering if anyone may be able to shed some light on (no pun intended). I work for a company that is designing a fiber optic emitter/detector as a part of one of our products and we've noticed something that would appear to defy physics...
  4. P

    Absorption coefficient and Linear Optical Susceptibility

    ##\alpha## is considered to be the absorption coefficient for a beam of light of maximum intensity ##I_0##. It's related to the complex part of the refractive index as we have shown above. Now, I have a doubt. Should I solve for ##k## from the quadratic equation in terms of the linear optical...
  5. E

    Engineering Photonics / Fibre Optics - (Supermodes, PBGFs, Coupling)

    Hi, Looking for a good photonics / fibre optics textbook that covers the field, while also addressing said topics in the title. Thank you!
  6. J

    What is the physical dimension of transduction coefficient in photonics?

    I am studying Tunable couplers with Programmable Integrated photonics by Jose Capmany. In this textbook, what is the physical meaning of signal s1 and s2? Is it an electric field intensity or the phase of electromagnetic wave? And what is the physical dimension of transduction coefficient here?
  7. qnach

    How to calculate shadows in nanophotonics

    Could anyone tell me how to calculate the shadow of an object in nanophotonics. Is there any book discussed such issue? I emphasize nanophotinics becuase at that scale there might have diffraction etc.
  8. klismann

    How Does Temperature Affect Avalanche Photodiode Performance?

    [Moderator's note: Thread moved from a non-homework forum and thus lacks the homework template] Summary:: It is a small question that my teacher gave me about avalanche diode. Anyone who can help me will be very grateful. Consider an avalanche photodiode of InGaAs, which operates at the...
  9. T

    An academic interested in Photonics

    Hello I am an academic. I work in fields of multiphoton lithography and electroluminescent devices.
  10. S

    Angle of Incidence, Propagation Constant and Wavelength

    Homework Statement Light of free-space wavelength λ0 = 0.87 μm is guided by a thin planar film of thickness d = 3.0 μm and refractive index n1 = 1.6, surrounded by a medium of refractive index n2 = 1.4 critical angle = 61.04° n0 = 1.00 (a) Determine (i) the angle of incidence θ and (ii) the...
  11. S

    Fresnel Equations and Snell's Law

    Homework Statement From the Fresnel equations and Snell’s Law, prove that, when θ = θB where tanθB = nt/ni, (θB is the Brewster angle); (a) Reflection coefficient = 0 , and (b) transmission coefficient = n/n’ Homework Equations reflection coefficient = (ntcosθi - nicosθt) / (ntcosθi + nicosθt)...
  12. S

    Decay length of the evanescent wave

    Homework Statement A beam of light of vacuum wavelength λ = 550nm passes from water (refractive index 1.33) into air (refractive index 1.00). (a) What is the critical angle? (b) Suppose the beam is totally internally reflected. At what angle of incidence would the decay length of the...
  13. John Greger

    What Is the Correct Method to Estimate Ionization Energy in He-like Carbon?

    Homework Statement In He-like Carbon, C V, the excitation energy of 1s3s ##^1S## is 2851180 ##cm^-1## and for 1s4s ##^1S## it is 2988246 ##cm^-1##. Estimate the ionization energy. Compare with the value in the NIST database! Homework Equations ##E_{io}= T + E_{excitation}, ## ##T =...
  14. W

    I Changing the focal plane of a video projection?

    A bit of unsual scenario, I need to divide a video projection beam horizontally into two. Since the splitted beams in my diagram are treated as a separate beam they have to have their focus plane changed. Is that possible to do and how would one do it? http://image.ibb.co/jAu9x7/9241421.jpg If...
  15. D

    A About nonhermiticity in plasmonic dimers

    My questions are related to the article "Self-hybridization within non-Hermitian localized plasmonic systems" http://sci-hub.tw/10.1038/s41567-017-0023-6 I am aware that within the nanophotonics field, the use of precisely engineered nanoparticles in space and time leads to arrays in the form...
  16. A

    Physics Condensed Matter, Materials vs. Optics, Photonics and Optoelectronics

    Hi, I'm currently in my last year of undergrad and I'm wondering about which specialization I should pursue. I'm looking for career stability, I don't mind leaving academia I'd just like to employ what I study in school in my future career. So, to my questions 1) In terms of career stability...
  17. E

    I Concentration of R-G centers in a PN junction

    Hey guys, Currently taking a semiconductor device fundamentals course and we are learning about R-G currents in the depletion region of a PN junction. Usually we just consider R-G centers as impurities to be avoided in the operation of a standard rectifying diode. However, I was curious as to...
  18. T

    How to find the FWHM-diameter of the SH beam?

    Homework Statement Assume a Gaussian laser beam ( 1064 nm wavelength) having an FWHM-diameter(intensity) of 5 mm. By transmission through a thin nonlinear crystal, a new wave is generated that is proportional to the square of the incoming field (and therefore radiates at twice the frequency, or...
  19. P

    I Photonic crystal switch- directional couplers

    Im supposed to make model to demonstrate all-optical switching using a nonlinear effects of photonic crystals. And I will be using a directional coupler for this purpose. However I am having trouble in understanding the theory and concepts related to coupling / coupling length / use of...
  20. Sayed Asaduzzaman

    Admissions Pursue a PhD in Photonics After BSc (Engg.)

    Is there any way yo pursue Phd degree after completing Undergraduate degree/ BSc(Engg.) in photonics?
  21. physics_hp

    Photonic crystals as metamaterials

    Why do some photonic crystals show metamaterial property?
  22. A

    How to Use Harmonic Analysis to Determine g(x,y) in Different Cases?

    Homework Statement The complex amplitudes of a monochromatic wave of wavelength λ in the z=0 and z=d planes are f(x,y) and g(x,y), resprctively. Assume d=104λ, use harmonic analysis to determine g(x,y) in the following cases: (a) f(x,y) = exp{(-jπ/λ)(x+y)} (b) f(x,y) = cos(πx/2λ) (c)...
  23. F

    Low-cost low threshold optical beam limiter?

    Do you guys know a low-cost low-threshold optical beam limiter, with cost somewhere ~$100. Or if you know certain method to fabricate such. I would be greatful if you could include links and/or references. I am still noob in photonics so I am only familiar with a beam limiter that blocks the...
  24. M

    Infrared Waves in Optical Fibres

    I was reading about a process called up-conversion mentioned in Robert Boyd's Non-Linear Optics. It is essentially a special case of sum frequency generation (in sum frequency generation, two waves of different frequencies are sent into the crystal, and out comes a wave with a frequency equal to...
  25. C

    Guidance for research in Photonics

    Hi, I am in my first year of M.Sc. in physics. I want to pursue a research in Photonics after my Post-Graduation. i am really passionate about Physics and research... but unfortunately there is nobody to guide me in the proper way... i want to pursue research in Photonics in some of the top...
  26. L

    What is Nonlinear Fourier Transform in Optical Fiber Communication?

    Hi I am Ali, Liaquat. i am doing my PhD at University of Melbourne at Department of Electrical and electronics Engineering, my majors is optics and photonics. I am currently working in optical fiber communication.
  27. F

    Physics equations used in real world photonics problem?

    We typically solve idealized problems in physics coursework. How about when we deal with real world Photonics Industry Problems, what Physics equations we will be talking of here?
  28. F

    Material that changes transparency when lased from side?

    I am into photonics research, and have been searching about this topic in vain, but almost nothing from Google shows up. So i turned here for some light. Do you guys know any material that changes its transparency when a laser (or light) illuminates from its side?
  29. D

    Caustics/Cusps Software Search

    Hello folks, I'm looking for a free programme to play with caustics/cusps. Does anyone know where I can find one? If not does anyone have any suggestions as to how to write a script for one in gfortran? Preferably all I'm after is a way to make quick plots of cusps in 2D. Cheers and thanks a...
  30. Z

    Which of these is most relevant to photonics research?

    I have been assigned to research one of three topics as a term paper. This is for an upper level undergraduate course in electromagnetism. Could you advise me on which topic best aligns with research in photonics? Hall Effect: Research the classical, quantum, and anomalous Hall effect...
  31. P

    BPSK Fiber Optic Communication technique module.

    Actually out of my personal interest to learn & upgrade my skills I have self volunteered self development of Photonics Simulation software on Python platform. I am basically a software developer. As such I seek some technical information for same related to its development activity. Can you...
  32. L

    International Year of Light: Article Collection

    2015 is the International Year of Light and Taylor & Francis have a free online article collection. Find out more and read the articles here: http://explore.tandfonline.com/content/est/physics
  33. L

    Switching to astrophysics after photonics PhD (complications)

    Hi everyone, I'm looking for a little advice. I'm coming to the end of a PhD in photonics in about 6 months, specifically I have been looking at plasmonic nanostructures. It's gone ok, I'm at a great university and have two 1st author papers in ok journals with hopefully a third before I...
  34. A

    Schools Getting into Photonics grad school for an EE major

    I hold an Electrical Engineering (EE) BSC (3.45/4 GPA). I graduated in 2009. I am passionate to pursue a career in physics related studies specially optics and photonics. There are no universities offering that in my country. So I have to look into US or Europe. But it has now been about...
  35. T

    Programming Languages for Photonics Career

    I know computer programming skills are important in applied physics/engineering jobs and am looking for some advice as to how and what I should do to teach myself these skills. I am in a Photonics Master's degree program, which gears students toward acquiring jobs in industry (semiconductors...
  36. R

    Application-oriented areas in Optics & Photonics

    Hello all, I am considering applying for PhD programs in Physics/EE (specifically - Optics/Photonics). Considering pervasive posts about the dismal job market, I understand Optics/Photonics is more applied, and hence more sought-after in industry. However, what areas within Optics/Photonics...
  37. M

    Photonics Question - Laser and Total Internal Reflection

    Hello, this is my first post to this site. I had this idea a few nights ago, and I've been trying to wrap my head around it. Before I go ordering supplies to run some tests, I thought it would be worthwhile to gain some insight from you guys. Anyways, as you probably know, total internal...
  38. QuarkCharmer

    Is a B.S. in Photonics worthwhile?

    Currently, I am an undergrad student in Physics, specializing in Optics (Meaning, my electives and all that are upper-level optics courses). I have every intention of going to graduate school. In fact, the reason that I am at this university, is because it is home to the #2(or 3?) Graduate...
  39. N

    Engineering Fields, controls engineering and photonics

    Hi everyone, next year i'll get a Bachelor in Computer Engineering , then i should choose a Master course... I really like electronics, electronics projects, robotics and controls, physics and photonics. The doubt is that in my university there are masters (relatively to my interests) in : -...
  40. T

    Bs In OSE (?) for a Career in Photonics.

    Hi, I'm a senior high school student interested in a career in photonics and nanophotonics. The school I will be going to is well known for it's optical sciences and offers a bs in OSE (Optical Sciences and Engineering). Having never heard that such degrees existed, I applied for a physics...
  41. J

    Contractor work for a photonics startup: Salary?

    Hi Folks, I am defending my doctorate in physics this June and was offered, very informally, a position at a photonics startup. The company is very small so only does contract work (read: no benefits). They asked me what I wanted for compensation and I have no idea what ask for or what the...
  42. J

    Biological photonics: Can there be light in the brain?

    Hello, I am a mathematician and i have a personal theory of consciousness. Now, i DID read the rules for the forum, and i am aware that you guys don't want to be bothered with this, up to a point. However, i have isolated a key part of my theory in what are possibly satisfactory physical...
  43. A

    Which Science Field to Choose for Research: Photonics or Large Hadrons?

    My decision is final - I'm going to study physics in a year. I have my focus on two different universities in different cities (in Germany). One university has strong ties to photonics/FEL research facilities, the other has ties to large hadron/heavy ions research institutes. Both fields are...
  44. S

    How can refractive index be used to manipulate light in photonics?

    The question can be found here: http://gyazo.com/fc4d26cd35e6ce368ad2a8ed504f1dcc The refractive index it references can be found here: http://gyazo.com/94fd2f3b5ea7da9226c3acd56b0024c1 I'm not really sure where to get started on the "showing" part of the question. I anticipate that Snell's...
  45. S

    Photonics: Ray Reflection Question

    The question can be found at this link: http://gyazo.com/ee82873af32d76898ab1c5b9f058a2eb My reasoning for part A follows as such: Because the radius of curvature is smaller in the second mirror than in the initial elliptical mirror, every point on the second mirror (other than the tangent...
  46. N

    Silicon Photonics and Quantum Computing

    Hi everybody, I am currently a final year undergraduate student studying Electronic Engineering with my focus being Silicon Photonics. On exploring the advanced topics, I came across quantum computing and I have great interest in knowing more about it. Searching the web I found that some...
  47. G

    Photonics vs Physics vs Mathematics

    Hello, I was wondering if perhaps someone could provide some insight as to the PhD program that would prepare me the best for what I would like to do research in one day. I am currently a mathematics undergrad with 2 semesters left. I am torn between getting a PhD in photonics, physics, and...
  48. G

    Math Photonics vs Physics vs Mathematics

    Hello, I was wondering if perhaps someone could provide some insight as to the PhD program that would prepare me the best for what I would like to do research in one day. I am currently a mathematics undergrad with 2 semesters left. I am torn between getting a PhD in photonics, physics, and...
  49. V

    Programs PhD in Photonics: Queries from USA Student

    I have a few queries related to Phd in photonics from USA: 1)Which are the best universities in photonics? 2)How long will it take for obtaining a doctoral degree in USA for international students? 3)I have a dream to do Phd in photonics after obtaining Mtech in photonics here in India...