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Internship or Classes?

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    Hey guys, I have one more summer left before I graduate with a BSEE. I am about 99.9% certain that I want to go right to graduate school when I graduate.

    My question is: During the summer, should I take a few electives that I really want to take or should I focus on getting an internship? What would look better to a graduate admissions panel? More classes relevant to the field I want to go into, or an internship?

    And, just in case, I for some reason totally change my mind and decide to go right to industry, would not having an internship really hurt me? Would this be acceptable if I explained why I didn't pursue an internship?

    Thanks guys.
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    Dr Transport

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    I would take the internship. Get some real world experience. The major aerospace company I work for isn't really hiring any engineers with graduate degrees without experience. You can always go back and take the courses later.
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    Thanks, Dr.T.

    Do graduate admissions put a lot of weight on internships?

    Also, do companies check out what classes you took as an undergrad? Will taking relevant electives impress prospective employers?
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