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Interpret this problem at my university

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    Heres the first parts of this article concerning summer classes at my university for this year.

    Fresno State officials announced today that the number of summer session classes will be reduced significantly this year because of a new California State University (CSU) requirement that substantially increases the cost of providing classes.

    The university had developed its original summer session based on the assumption that it would use a pay schedule used in previous summers. However, a recent agreement reached among the CSU and the California Faculty Association required that a new salary schedule be utilized for summer 2005. The agreement was prompted by the results of an arbitration ruling.

    The new agreement pays summer instructors at a rate that is about a third higher than the old schedule and requires that the instructors be paid whether or not a class is full.

    So whats everyones interpretation of this. All my summer classes were dropped because of this :-/.
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    Seems a little counterproductive to me. The teachers pushed for more pay than the university could afford and now they aren't being paid anything. Now everybody loses out.
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    I heard its also because of good ol budget cuts. Gotta love public universities! When your state's credit rating is an abomination, I have to pay!
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