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Interpretation for voltage and flux linkage

  1. Jun 6, 2014 #1
    The interpretation for charge and current through of a circuit is known... "the current is the motion of the charges, electrons, that is repulsed by negative pole and attracted by positive pole through of a conducting wire...". Ok... But what is the explanation for flux linkage and voltage through of a electrical circuit?

    Understanding the physical behavior of the charge and current is more intuitive comprehend the their behavior through of a electrical circuit, like the why of when the circuit is bifurcated the current is divided in two and prefer the path that offers minor resistance... But I haven't this intuitive notion wrt voltage and flux linkage, I don't know why they behaves of a way or of another... (for example, I don't know why when the circuit is bifurcated the voltage isn't divided in two, is the same for both path).
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    Philip Wood

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    I think that most teachers of Physics would agree that it's better to master the idea of voltage, and the distinction between potential difference and emf (both measured in volt = joule per coulomb) before dealing with flux linkage.

    Are you trying to master both voltage and flux linkage at the same time?
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    I know what is voltage and potential difference, emf I know so-so and about the flux linkage, I don't know what is. Also, I don't know what is "flux linkage" in my natural idiom, pt-br, and I don't know what "linkage" means in english too!!! :S
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