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Insights Interview with Instrument Engineer Jim Hardy - Comments

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    I think your "Symphony Orchestra" comment was very unexpected and interesting. I've also had some interest in nuclear reactors ever since I got to view the inside of a live reactor on a Russian nuclear ice breaker a few years ago.
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    jim hardy

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    Thanks Guys.

    I still remember vividly my parents taking my sister and me to a children's concert when we were eight-ish years old.
    The moment the orchestra started i was engulfed with a tingling sensation , the sound of the live strings seemed to enter my brain and soothed me clear down to my toes as if i were standing in a cool , gentle waterfall..
    I wonder what is the neurological affect of music. A pleasant melody picks up and carries my psyche. My sister described Mozart's Requiem as "A backrub for your soul." His Horn Concerto #4 puts me in a near trance, but i recently played it for my friends and they were indifferent. We're just not all wired the same, i guess. Maybe somebody will do one of those science shows where they show brain activity with a scanner .

    An icebreaker ? How'd you get to tour one of those ?
    I took the engine room tour on Alaska Ferry (MV Columbia) , and just wandered down into engine room of the Cape May (NJ) ferryboat .
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