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Interviewing for a summer internship in industry

  1. Jan 2, 2008 #1
    I have an offer from BAE for a summer internship for 2008. I am still looking at other companies, like Lockheed Martin. If they ask me if I have received other offers, what should I say? Should I say yes?

    Also, I've gotten one position at BAE and another recruiter called me for a position located elsewhere in the US. Should I say I have the BAE offer from another location?

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    "Yes, but I can't mention their names"
    1, you are being honest.
    2, shows your understanding of commercial confidentiality
    3, interviewers like you to have other offers - it means someone else wants you and therefore they are correct in wanting you.
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    I agree 100%.
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    Ok cool, thanks mgb_phys and berkeman.

    How about the second question? How should I respond to that? Same?
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