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Schools What would you do -- summer REU?

  1. Feb 27, 2017 #1
    So I applied to a few places for a summer REU internship for physics research. I got made an offer from Brown University and Notre Dame and am trying to decide between the two. Brown offers me research in marine geophysics/topology sort of stuff and a $3700 stipend. Notre dame offers me to choose the discipline (condensed matter, particle, Astro, etc) and I get a 5100 stipend. Both fund round trip expenses and offer housing. Obviously Brown is a bit more prestigious and I would pick it immediately but geophysics is not at all what I plan on studying, so I'm stuck. What would you choose?
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    I don't think the prestige of Brown will matter since it has nothing to do with the field you plan on pursing in graduate school. I think go with the research that would be more exciting, hands on, and intellectually stimulating. The extra $1400 at Notre Dame certainly helps too. What year are you in?
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    I'm currently a junior, so this would be my last opportunity for a summer internship
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    You want to do research with someone who can write a most relevant letter of recommendation for your grad school application.

    It's not so much the institutional prestige, it is the field and reputation of the specific scientist writing your letters of recommendation.
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