Intro books on Differential Geometry?

  1. I want a book on introductory Diff. Geometry for self study, but I don't know which book will be suitable for me, and not on a too high level. I know Linear Algebra, single & multi variablecalculus, basic vector calculus and very little about ODE's and PDE's.

    At the Diff. Geometry course page (of the math department of my university) they recommened as a supplment to their own notes Elementary Differential Geometry by A. Pressley. But they mention that the level of Pressley is a little more difficult than their own notes. But when I read reviews about this book, it seems like this book is suitable for self study and easey to understand.
    So is this a good material for self study and on the subject of diff. geometry, or maybe someone knows a better material for this subject?
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  3. There are tons of threads in PF on this very topic. Please search the Book Reviews and Tensor and Diff. Geom. forums. I think there was one active last week.
  4. I was actually just doing that.
    Since I'm a poor student I mentioned Pressley because it's not too expensive :rolleyes:. I tried seaching about that book here, but can't seem to find anything about it. Maybe someone one knows alittle about this book and can tell wether it's worth buying?
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