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    Hi everyone! My name is Paulene Gueco and I am a Year 11 IB Student of ACS Doha International School. Oh, and I am taking HL Physics, too. And although I am trying not to make myself seem as an attention-seeking student here, I never in a million years imagined myself joining this Physics forum (I've always excelled in Physics last year). However, as I start to journey across the rigorous Physics syllabus of the IB, I figured that I just might need all the extra help I can get. Haha.

    Nevertheless, I am excited and truly grateful to seemingly be a part of a scientific community. :)
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    Welcome to PF!

    Enjoy the site.
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    Would you mind telling me how I'd be able to post a thread regarding a question? :)
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    Go to the main site:


    look for the forum of interest.

    and you should see a button on the right in BLUE that says post a new thread
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    And I can't find it...
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    Thanks so much! Appreciate all the help. I see it now. :)
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    I just signed up too and have no idea what I am doing. I am doing A level physics basically.
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    I can't get what class u r in....
    We have diffrent system of schooling here...
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    Haha. Well I'm basically doing Math HL, Physics HL, and Chemistry HL. I want to be a Chemical Engineer someday soooo... hahaha
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