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    Hey, my name is Caleb. I've never really been on a forum, but its hard sticking with tough subjects without actually having a community of people who find the subjects equally as tantalizing and enjoy discussing them and explaining the difficult concepts contained. I'm personally not entirely sure what I hope to learn here, but I'm interested in physics (either in regards to quantum or cosmology), and mathematics in general (i'm a novice). I also highly enjoy linguistics/cognitive science where it overlaps with the aforementioned sciences, like in AI and computer linguistics/learning. I guess I'm hoping to better understand these subjects so I can figure out what profession/degree would best fit my interests.. I'm happy to talk with anyone and am a pretty open and nice person. Nice to meet y'all~
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    Welcome to the PF :smile:
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    Thanks! It means a lot. Nobody here in okinawa cares to talk about this sort of stuff. Ive already, in 5 minutes learned about things i didn't even know existed in physics.
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