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Particle Introductory book on particle physics

  1. Feb 4, 2017 #1
    Hello! Can someone please recommend me a particle physics book that starts from the very basic concepts, but gives complete proofs for everything (for example, I want to start with the "spinless" particles interactions as an introduction to Feynman calculus, but I don't want them to just write down the differential cross section formula, without all the math behind). Thank you!
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    D.J. Griffiths' text is the one I would recommend, 2nd edition of 2008 to be a little more up to date.
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    Thank you! I used that book. It is good indeed, but he doesn't proves anything. All the equations and Feynman rules are just given (maybe a little bit explained at the end). But this is not what I want.
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    I'd recommend Srednicki supplemented with Lancaster & Blundell.

    The PDF draft of Srednicki's book is here: http://web.physics.ucsb.edu/~mark/qft.html

    Lancaster & Blundell has been selling out quickly every time they restock at Amazon lately. It's being sold used a lot, so there are several Amazon sales pages for it. I'd recommend searching for it with Amazon's search periodically to find a good price or wait for new copies to be back in stock. Searching by ISBN on addall.com sometimes also yields good results, and sometimes links directly to difficult-to-find used sales pages on Amazon. The ISBN I used to search it on Amazon is 9780199699339.

    Oh, and if you need to brush up on your quantum mechanics, I can recommend the paperback international edition of Sakurai & Napolitano. I bought one as an extra copy recently, and the printing, paper, and binding are quite good for an international edition, or about average compared to most Western paperback textbooks I've used.
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    Based on this, it appears that what you want is a book on quantum field theory. I think books labeled "particle physics" tend to be more about phenomenology than about a rigorous presentation of the theory.

    We regularly have threads about QFT books, including this one which is currently on the first page of this forum:

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