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Introductory Calculus-practice questions

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    Note:I am in my eleventh year of school, thus not into 'real' calculus yet; or in university, for that matter.

    I was wondering if someone may have some practice questions-fore me attempt, on the following sub-headings:
    • straight line graphs
    • Quadratics
    • cubics/root functions, 1/f(x)
    • completing the square

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    For what values of "m" the following quadratic equation will have: a) exactly one solution
    b) two distinct real solutions c) No real solution

    P.S.I made it up at the top of my head.
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    Complete the square:

    Find x:
    [tex]\sqrt{x}-\sqrt{x-1} = 3[/tex]
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    find the equation of a line that passes through the point (1,3) and is parallel to the line 2x+y-4=0
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