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Inverters and Power Consumtion?

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    Hi friends :)

    I was wondering... I have a 12V deep cycle battery which I have connected to a 300W 12V DC-240V AC. Now if I were to plug multiple different appliances into it at the same time would I be right in saying that, for example, if I had an appliance that consumed 100W and another that consumed 150W they could run through this set up with no problems? and, say, if I had an appliance that consumed 150W and another that consumed 200W would I be right in saying I would need an inverter with higher wattage?
    Or is there more to it than that?

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    Nope, simple as that: you are correct in your understanding of how wattages add.
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    hello lovely girl

    the battery is just supporting the appliance,so you only need an inverter above 300W 12V DC-240V AC,that the diffierent appliance can working in the same time .

    hope my reply can help you
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