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IQ test online

  1. Jun 30, 2007 #1
    I am looking for an online iq test that really tests someone and can give a more or less accurate test score afterwards.

    I have been to the mensa page and took a mini test they had there but that only told me how many i had gotten right and that i had a good chance of getting into mensa if i took their supervised test. Being rather lasy i am not going to take 2 ferries and drive for 3 hours to take it anytime soon.

    I took the tickle iq test aswell but it maxes out at 144 iq even if you get all the answers correct. (got the answers afterwards and took the test again with the facit infront of me to check)

    Does anyone have a link to a really comprehensive iq test i could take?
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  3. Jul 1, 2007 #2
    Free IQ test over the internet aren't really going to give you a good estimation of your IQ. But I thought this one http://www.iqtest.dk/main.swf was a good little test.(I got 150)
  4. Sep 1, 2007 #3
    Many free online IQ tests abound but you'll have to sit with a shrink to get a real test completed.

    Until then I suggest the Danish link above, which has been around since Al Gore invented the Internet, or empty your pockets and pay $13 for the Ivy IQ Test which gave me a very high, very accurate estimate.

    Also Google Test the Nation for country-specific IQ Tests that have appeared around the world
  5. Oct 9, 2007 #4
    As many people pointed out, It's impossible to measure intelligence with a simple 10-20 minute test. Even with a real test it can be ver inaccurate as everyone is smart in different aspects.
  6. Oct 11, 2007 #5
    Smart IQ society had one, and if you have a high IQ, you can take their hard (and by hard, I mean H!A!R!D!) test. I think it is the best online IQ test possible.
  7. Dec 9, 2007 #6
    doesn't the iq test measure a person's ability to interpret patterns rather than to actually measure his iq?

    i think the max score on the tickle iq test is higher than 144. i got a 160+, not legitimately of course. i also wanted to know the upper limit score.
  8. Dec 9, 2007 #7

    This one might be fairly accurate. I looked at the questions and they seem very similar to those that you would find on an actual IQ tests like the SB-V. They claim that they modelled the questions after the questions on actual IQ tests that have the highest g loading. Also, it apparently has a correlation of .9 with a standardized IQ test (although they didn't mention which standardized IQ test, and they only used 50 members in their study). I'm still a little skeptical of it simply because they were a little vague in their description, but it seems pretty accurate. Only problem is that it costs $10 :'( .
  9. Dec 31, 2007 #8
    you guys know that iq tests aren't significant if you're not 10
  10. Jan 9, 2008 #9
    The test said that the calculation of IQ was based on results taken from mroe than 250,000 people, whch means that the test result calculated would be inaccurate as I am sure there would be many poeple taking the test several times.
  11. Jan 17, 2008 #10
    Which only means that his/her true IQ could be higher.
  12. Mar 15, 2008 #11
    Online IQ test aren't very good

    So far I can not say that any tests are that great, that i have taken online, because most either dont have the normal compnients that a iq test should have. The max and min scores aren't usly high enough or dont go far enough down. I have taken this test.

    Test my score min max
    www.funeducation.com 138 n/a - 142
    www.iqtest.com 143 n/a - 150+
    www.tickle.com 135 80 - 144
    www.iqtest.dk 115 79 - n/a

    There are problems with each test. funeducation.com and tickle.com are not timed this is key to a iq test. every test does not have enough questions to give a very accurate score. All of the test that I know of dont have a wide enough range of iqs usly maxing some where at the 140 range. The iqtest.com has only true or false which gives you a 50% chance of it being right or wrong instantly. The iqtest.dk has only to do with patterens it does not score in any any other catagory which is not true for a true iq test.

    Best test
    funeducation & tickle
    but even these test arent very good they max out at to low of a range to be very accurate. The reason i think funeducation has the best test is because my uncle took it and scored a 131 and on a real test he scored 137.
  13. Mar 29, 2008 #12
    Looking at these numbers..all of a sudden every single person in the world is a genius/gifted.
  14. Mar 30, 2008 #13

    yep... all online test are bs. they may estamate some what, but they estamate very poorly. There is no point in taking a online test it will make you think you are more intellegent then you are. I think they do this on purpose to make peope fell better about them selfs and so that people will want to pay for more accurate or indepth papers, iqtest.com does this and thats the test i scored 143... makes sense uh?
  15. May 5, 2008 #14
    One time I took an online IQ test that had about fifty questions. I didn't even read the questions at all. I just guessed randomly on every question to see what I would score, and I scored 105. The online IQ test was a scam to persuade people to buy a results sheet that ranked their intelligence on various categories.
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  17. May 8, 2008 #16
    I don't think intelligence has anything to do with a person's knowledge of historical or geographical facts. That's based primarily on an individual's education and age. For instance, I have greatly increased my knowledge over the last 5 years, but my IQ should have remained constant.

    My opinion isn't due to a bad result, as I routinely score in the mid 130s. I just don't think the tests should include questions like "Which continents are moving closer together?" or "which countries didn't remain neutral in WWII?".
  18. May 18, 2008 #17

    but it is true that in some cases, educating yourself in any manner can "open up" your mind to a more positive and efficient thinking attitude, which can easily higher IQ levels.

    everything can effect it, IQ is never constant.
  19. May 23, 2008 #18


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    Those tests are far too long. I have better things to do.
  20. Jun 6, 2008 #19
    But one's ability to remember facts is a cognitive ability, and so a greater ability should represent a greater degree of intelligence, as it does in most theories of intelligence that I'm aware of.

    Actually IQ is generally quite stable over time, even in children who are growing and learning more than adults usually do. There are references that I could provide but I'm not allowed to post them yet :p
  21. Jun 13, 2008 #20
    The tough part about online IQ tests is that all too often they attempt to measure knowledge, not intelligence. Likewise, as many people have mentioned here, they do skew the results in many cases to please the audience. After all, no one wants to hear that he/she is below the average IQ or even that he/she is average.

    These tests are not usually accurate, but they can psychologically affect people as the people who are told that they are smart will begin to act the part that they will think that they are. It is possible that they will even belittle their peers. On the opposite side, when people believe that they are dumb because they are told such, they too will act the part. It is called the self-fulfilling prophecy.
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