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Homework Help: IR spectra interpretation

  1. Feb 18, 2010 #1
    1. Compare and interpret the infared spectra of 4-methylcyclohexene and 4-methylcyclohexanol.

    2. Identify the C-H out-of-plane bending vibrations in the infared spectrum of 4-methylcyclohexene. What structural information can be obtained from these bands?
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    4-methylcyclohexanol contains a hydroxy group. If you are doing anything with IR, the big broak hydroxy group peak around 3200-3500 1/cm is something you should know by heart.

    4-methylcyclohexene, being an alkene, would contain a C=C peak which wouldn't be found in the alcohol.

    Just consult the IR section of your organic chem textbook for where the out-of-plane bending vibrations are, I don't remember anymore.
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