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IR spectra and point group symmetry

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    I'm currently studying the reaction of anisole with hexacarbonylchromium, and experiment shows the displacement of 2 of the carbonyl ligands with the anisole group, forming a 2-η ligand with the chromium ion.

    After refluxing to obtain the crystals, IR and nmr spectra of the sample were obtained; Apprarently, the point group symmetry of the complex affects the IR spectra of the Cr(CO)4(anisole) compound, but I cannot see how it would affect the IR. Currently, In my IR spectra, I have a distinct peak at 1830 cm-1 corresponding the the CO stretch, and a lesser but nevetheless signficant peak at 1930 cm-1, which I can currently hypothesise is due to the backbonding of electrons to the carbonyl ligands.

    Can anyone help with this?

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    I doubt anyone can say offhand. But yeah, probably the C-Cr stretch. Have you compard to the spectrum of pure Cr(CO)6?
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