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IR Transparent Projection Screen?

  1. Nov 11, 2010 #1

    Is there such a thing as a projection screen that is transparent to IR? I need to project an image onto a screen (rear-projection), but I also need to send an IR signal through the screen from the side of the human user back to the side with the projector. I think there are metals/metalloids with this property, but those materials obviously don't make good projection screens. Any ideas?

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    If you are rear projecting you need a transparent screen anyway - something like frosted glass or plastic

    IR remotes are generally around 780-820nm so only 'slightly-infra' red, pretty much anything that transmits red light will also transmit theis level of IR
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    I have been informed that the wavelength emitted by the IR LEDs is approximately 950 nm. Does this change things? I would prefer not to let red through if possible.
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