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Is a Gundam a robot?

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    I'm debating with a friend of mine whether or not the term "robot" can be used to describe the large bipedal machines known as Gundams from the franchise of the same name. He's insisting that a robot cannot be something piloted, that a robot is purely something automated or remotely controlled.
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    Words have many definitions. The only way to avoid is to specify which definition you are using.

    Robot used to have a very narrow definition of an autonomous mechanical device, but the term has changed in its application.

    Your friend needs to accept this. If he wants to talk about autonomous robots, he should specify autonomous robots.
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    Technically it is a suit, more like a Mech. I suppose the Mech can perform robot like actions.
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    I agree, it can perform actions of a robot, etc..., such as telling you points on the suit where it is damaged. But it is as much of a robot as a car today is a robot, or your body a robot (we have pain that indicates to us where points of injury are located).
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    "DRAGON RUNNER is a backpackable multi-terrain robot capable of detecting a variety of devices without putting the operator in harm's way" - from the British Ministry of Defence website. It's a robot but it's operated. Yeah I do wonder what makes these things robots. Really it should have a narrow definition, an autonomous machine made through non biological means maybe?
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    A gundam is a robot in the sense that you can say "Mobile Suit Gundam has awesome giant robot battles in it" and no one would try to correct you unless they were *trying* to be annoying.

    But it's not really a robot, ofc, it's a mecha. A mecha is a big mechanical humanoid thing that is controlled by a pilot. Or well, it doesn't have to be purely mechanical because, for instance, Evangelion has mecha in it but those are biological/cybernetic or whatever.
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