What are some lesser-known sci-fi comics worth checking out?

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I sincerely recommend this comic:

Wiki link to Universal War One.

There are sites where you can read it for free. I'll let you find those yourself (or crazy thought: you could actually buy it!). Using the free sites you'll need a serious add-blocker, Also you'll want to load whole comics as opposed to individual pages.

EDIT: Just saw that wiki says an action movie has been announced with a $40 million budget. It's probably in development hell.
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So what kind of SciFi story would be of interest to physics forum members? Universal War One's summary describes a wall blocking the outer solar system. That's hard to picture. Should I post web comics that I think people here would like? I'm guessing everyone here already knows about XKCD.
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I'm somewhat of a "graphic novel" geek. I mostly recommend esoteric stuff. Not mainstream stuff like XKCD, OOTS etc. There's a trend though - new or not - that films seem to start as "graphic novels". I seriously almost enjoy a "comic" more than a film.

One has to be aware of Sturgeon's Law though.

I could seriously write a list of about 100 comics I'd suspect that most users of this forum would enjoy.
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Xkcd is mainstream?
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In my world it kinda is, yes.

And I realize that doesn't really make sense. :)
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It's pretty funny though, and very "engineery". :P
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I was afraid of creating too much noise in here but since not much is going on I think I'll show what I consider "non-mainstream", or esoteric if you will:

Ghost Cage.

I'm guessing you'll either find this one charming or vacous.


This one creates a believable, albeit weird, world 25 minutes into the future in a parallel universe. It kinda comments eerily on the current situation in the Middle East.



And as long as I'm recommending a story written by Alex Paknadel I might as well point out another one of his:


And if you want really really dark, distatefully funny stuff, any comic by Jhonen Vasquez (Jhonny the Homocidal Maniac, Squee), who someone, for whatever extremely obscure reason thought it would be smart to employ to create a children's cartoon (Invader Zim) will probably do.

Incidentally, In Invader Zim, Professor Membrane is voiced by Rodger Bumpass. One cannot make this stuff up. Although is someone could it would probably be Jhonen Vasquez.
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