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Is an Engineering Educational background required for NASA Astronauts?

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    Hi I will be attending University in the fall to obtain a B.A degree in Astrophysics.

    Ever since I was little, I've wanted to be an Astronaut and have loved space, and obviously, still do.

    However, I'm a bit worried, it seems that every Astronaut has an engineering College Education.
    What exactly if any engineering education is a requirement or extremely strong preference for NASA when selecting Astronaut candidates?

    Also I should add that when I get out of University I have already planned on joining the Air Force, for pilot-in-command hours, so I have that covered already.
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    No, they don't require an engineering background, but it would be helpful.
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    Back on topic, the biographies of the current set of ascans are at this page, http://www.jsc.nasa.gov/Bios/ascanbio.html. Of the nine, I count four aerospace engineers, three biologists/medical doctors, one systems engineer, and one with a masters in physics. IIRC, there have been a few astronomers and physicists among previous sets of ascans. Based on past selections, NASA definitely prefers degrees in aerospace engineering and the life sciences. Or both. A degree in astrophysics does not rule you out. It apparently does make it a bit tougher.
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