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Is any good way on how to deal with Newton Mechanics?

  1. Nov 23, 2013 #1
    just asking, because it seems abstract and complicated for me.
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    If you think Newtonian mechanics is abstract and complicated, then I don't recommend that you attempt to study any relativity (either GR or SR) or any quantum mechanics.

    If your statement is a plea for help, it is rather vague and non-specific. What seems abstract? What is complicated about it? The more details you provide, the more specific help and suggestions you will receive about overcoming your difficulties.
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    Your question itself appears abstract to me, and very, very vague.

    BTW, do you know that you are using Newton's laws right now, and have been using it every since you were born? In fact, there are many things you do automatically simply because you've understood it and seen in numerous times already.

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    Good thing you're equipped with a human brain - a tool particularly well suited for dealing with abstract and complicated topics, isn't it?
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    Get a good book and practice...everything becomes easier with practice.
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    Its not so bad if you watch youtube videos of course I refer to only A-level stuff at the moment. For the higher stuff in classical mechanics in uni like angular momentum and the other vector crap involving matrix mathematics I haven't come across yet but example of what I mean is

    I am assuming your on about the rudimentary stuff I dunno.

    PS> I forgot all that calculus stuff too. I have yet to encounter such difficulties though I haven't really started my subject yet just been reading up and researching myself at the moment. First damn unit though is quantum phenomena and electricity where I would have preferred starting at forces and motion.
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