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B Is Dark Matter Gravity?

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    Dark Matter is every where and always passing threw us right? It apparently hold everything in place in our universe. We know it there but can't detect it. We see the results, but we don't really see who's responsible. What If dark matter was basically a different type of gravity? And the universe was spinning to create this gravity.
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    Kcookson251: Dark matter and dark energy are terms to describe effects that scientists have detected but don't have a good explanation for. They have been detected by their gravitational effects. Be careful about random speculation - the forum does not allow that and the mentors actively enforce it.

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    Dark matter (is stuff) is not uniformly distributed in space and is detected by its gravitational effects. Dark energy is much more unknown and is thought to be a property of space itself.
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    It is not everywhere. It has a quite uniform distribution where we are, but not on a global scale.
    It does not.
    We can see its gravitational influence.
    I can't see you, but I can see your posts. And I am quite sure you exist.
    That does not make sense.
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