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Quantum Is dirac's "The principles of Quantum mech." a good book?

  1. Mar 21, 2015 #1
    I have not read any other QM books,i have little knowledge on that subject and want a books that uses mathematics in academic levels but is easy to get the grips on and also builds intuition and explains the phenomenons in a good manner.I do not want a book that emphasizes on mathematics or intuition alone but something that has it all.I have heard that Dirac's book is a great book but i wanted to know your opinions.Feel free to suggest other books(bear in mind that i have got Griffiths book on QM from the university library).
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    I have a copy and from the reviews many people like the treatment. It's not a standard textbook and has more wordy description than math. However. The math is real not watered down to something trivial like popular science might be.
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    so,it might be better if i read this first so as to build up intuition and then going for the harder textbooks which have more complex math,right?
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    Yes, it assumes you can do calculus and differential equations to some extent. The focus of the book was for people long out of school who wish to understand science in a deeper and truer sense.

    Susskind has a similar book on classical mechanics that is quite good too and you may want to check it out too.
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    I advise to first study the Schrödinger equation.
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    I read Dirac and Susskind . Susskind is good for beginners ( I am am still a amatuer) he does everything you should know to get started with QM, that is harmonic oscilators, quantum logic, SE and so on that are all derived so that anyone with a bit of knowledge of calculus can derive. It mostly doesn't get harder than the easyest of differential equations. I didnt much like Dirac and I don't think he is recommendable for beginers of QM.
    But Susskind is a good idea.
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    Plus he also has online lectures parrallel to the topics in his books ( I cant say if they are good, because I couldn't be botherd to watch them), the link is in his book but they can also be found at stanford university website.
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