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Engineering Is engineering for me?

  1. Mar 27, 2012 #1
    I have always been good at math, and by that I dont just mean high school. I am about to finish Differential Equations with a high A, and all my other classes up until now have been A's. I love technology, and love reading all about new things from things such as TED.com and Popular Science magazines. I have always been fond of computers, and have built several and taken a few programming courses. I know that I want to use math, and I had been thinking of electrical/computer engineering. However, right now I am struggling with electricity concept in my secondary physics class, and I find that it is very difficult and non-intuitive for me. Also, I dont like doing much of the stuff I am learning. Ive also considered mechanical or aerospace but my main enjoyment comes from computing and automation-like devices. I love aircraft and space but I hear AE is not all its pent up to be and the jobs are hard to find. Any insight on what major I should pursue. I start at Georgia Tech in the summer.
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    Look at what you enjoy the most, not which field has the highest pay or best job prospects, after all, this can change over time. I can't really recommend anything specific based on what you have written, maybe you could consider Applied Mathematics or Computer Science.
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    I have always considered computer science, but led more engineering because of my interest in math and how things really work under the surface. Electronics is definitely an interest of me, as is aircraft and anything really that is forwarding science and technology. I am just concerned with my slight lack of intuition and proficiency in electricity and magnetism.
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    The lack of intuition on a particular subject is not an indication that you won't be good at it. I find that often, whenever I lack an intuitive feel for a subject, that the questions I ask are often those that are confounding everyone else.

    The thing you need to be concerned about is when you're confounded by the subject and you don't even know what questions to ask that might get you some answers.

    Remember, it's not about knowing all the answers, but knowing what the questions are that makes a good engineer.
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