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Is free energy Really Possible?

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    I have seen lots of Ads over the internet that promise to generate electricity from nowhere by utilizing earths magnetic fields or other arrangements.
    Some promise to increase the efficiency of household electricity use by placing their equipment in series with the main supply. Are they possible?, I mean is there at least any theoritical methods to acheive them? Or are they all fake?
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    That's all fake pseudo-science.
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    Mostly fake though you've given a fairly broad set of categories. Devices that increase efficiency are possible, many may be snake oil of course, but in principle there is nothing wrong with this category
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    Such a relief to hear that from you. Thanks
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    Solar power is free energy once you own the solar panels.

    If you lived near a high powered radio transmitter you might be able to get a few free volts from it with a big antenna.

    If you apply power factor correction you can get the same mechanical power out of a motor at less current if the motor was very inductive.

    An air conditioner can produce more heat than it consumes because it moves heat from one place to another without actually generating it.

    So, yes you can get free energy, but it always comes from somewhere.

    The advertisements you see are probably designed to extract your credit card number and do nothing else, though.
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    The content of the post seems to conflict with the word free.

    The first sentence " generate electricity from nowhere by utilizing earths magnetic fields" is flawed with a contradiction. There is no such thing as creating energy from nowhere, it has to be taken from somewhere.
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    Energy can be neither created nor destroyed. Only transformed. This is a total different concept than increasing the efficiency of a machine.

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    The OP did not say anything about free energy.

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    Actually he did, in his thread title. But I think we've helped him understand why there is no "free energy" per se. Energy has to come from somewhere, at some efficiency. Thread locked.
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