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Is gravity an energy?

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    [SOLVED] Is gravity an energy?

    Just a thought inspired by a friend,

    Is gravity an energy or an out come of an energy or alternative is energy an outcome of gravity.

    What do they say in theories and what do you think personally?
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    What precisely do you mean by "gravity"? Gravitational FORCE is a natural force between two objects and force and energy are two different things. Of course, when you move a mass against a force, you have to do work and so give it a potential energy. That potential energy could be "released", for example by dropping the object after moving it to a height, which would then increase the kinetic energy of the object.

    If I understand your question correctly, potential energy (and then kinetic energy) is an outcome of gravitational force.
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    gravity is a phenemenon.

    the effects of this phenomenon include energy being imparted to bodies, and force being exerted on bodies.
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