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Is it OK to write the resistance in parallel like this?

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    I am creating an equations sheet for electronics forumlas and am wondering if it is OK to write the equation for resistance in parallel like this: 33bnUFo.png
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    jim hardy

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    My memory rhyme was always "Reciprocal of the sum of the reciprocals"
    which when pocket calculators came along in 1970's became quite handy.

    Enter R,, press 1/x, press M+, repeat until all R's accounted for, press Recall Memory, press 1/x .

    That's one place where a pocket calculator really outdoes a slide rule .

    Your formula is much more elegant. Just make sure there's not a R0 !

    have fun,.

    old jim
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    A bit off track but in // r's the total network R should always be smaller than the smallest resistor in ohms.

    Also, a network has no P/S whereas a circuit has a power supply.

    And again what Jimbo said... R total = the sum of the reciprocals, reciprocated. You can use the same formula for inductors as well, whereas capacitors you treat opposite.
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