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I Is it possible for pure energy to have mass?

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    When I ask about mass, I am really asking is it remotely possible for pure energy to have mass and possible become so dense it forms a ball with its own gravitational pull. This pull keeps the energy in a ball.
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    Photon has mass as well as momentum but no rest mass so it can treat it as pure energy.
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    Vanadium 50

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    Energy is not a substance. "Pure energy" is a creation of science fiction writers.
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    So than that makes photons the most basic form of energy or just one of the many types of energy like electromagnetic and kinetic?
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    Energy is a property of an object or system, like momentum, angular momentum, mass, and charge. There is no such thing as "pure energy" not associated with an object or system, just like there is no such thing as "pure momentum" or "pure charge."
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    A pair of photons that whose momenta are not parallel could be considered to be a system consisting of "pure energy" and nonetheless have a non-zero invariant mass.
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