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Is it possible to run Window$ 3.1 on STM32?

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    I know x86 and Cortex are completely different but... is there any possibility for this to happen? May be a little code work to provide emulated interfaces?
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    Well if 80386 can run Windows and Microsoft Word at snail speed, I dont know why Cortex wont run windows? However you have to work a lot figuring out machine codes and suitable compilers and stuffs.
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    Window 3 (desktop & server versions) only had ports for x86 and Alpha processor (now discontinued). Note that Windows requires not only the 386 processor, but also the PC hardware architecture. The only way to run Windows 3 on a different processor is to run a full-system simulator, which is pretty expensive and very slow.

    Having said that, Windows CE has versions for x86, MIPS and ARM, and Microsoft announced Windows 8 for ARM (desktop version, not CE).

    So, there you have it: either find a Windows CE port for Cortex (which is based on the ARM A8), or wait until Windows 8. But, either way, keep in mind that the ARM ports most probably depend on underlying hardware - I never worked with that, but I think it's a reasonable assumption.

    ps: By the way, the best thing for ARM is Linux, not Windows CE. Angstrom is very popular distro for ARM.
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    Your totally right fbs7, the only way that might get that down would be writing interfaces to adopt windows 3 in the first place. I saw some u2b vid that win3.x can be run on android devices, so I thought about why not strip down the android in the first place with a "better" version of MCU...

    Thanks for the info.
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