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Is it possible to transfer to nanotechnology from physical sciences at waterloo?

  1. Jun 1, 2008 #1
    I'm still in gr.12 and going to UW next year. Just curious if anyone has an answer to my question. Thanks.

    Oh by the way, I'll be taking physics, math, chemistry and biology during my 1st year.
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    I'm not familiar with Waterloo's program, but in general as long as your performance is sufficient to meet the admission requirements of the program you want to get into, transferring is not a problem. Pay attention to the course requirements too so that you can avoid having to make up necessary requirements when you get in.
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    I am a student at UW. In my opinion, its highly unlikely you can transfer to nanotech. Tho I think you may have chance to transfer to other engineering if you have good average. Preferably 85+ average. I think its best to call the school for the detail.
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    i inquired about a transfer from chem eng. to nanotech after my first year. they replied that an average in the 80's was required... that was a couple years ago when the program was in its first year. though, it may give you a rough idea that the fraction of the class that probably had 80s after my 1st year was probably around ~25/140.

    regardless, my suggestion would be to contact the office of first year engineering. yes, that is indeed a specific office for anything pertaining to first year engineering. i'm sure it's possible, but i don't know what the criteria would be since you'd be transferring from the sci faculty and not within the eng faculty.

    a good point was made about planning out your courses. if you're really determined check the undergraduate calendar to compare the 1st year nano courses to see if you can take the antirequisites in your 1st year. though there is the rare case that antireqs aren't listed. for example, my che 102 course allowed me to be exempt from chem 120 & chem 123.
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    The school emailed me back and they said that I'll need at least low 80s during my first year. Also, once I get accepted, I'll start from term 1 of the nanotech program. Some courses I took first year can replace some first year nanotech courses but the core courses will have to remain. I have the motivation, aspiration and ambition to transfer into the nanotech program. I'm confident it will be worth my investment. I have something I want to do with the knowledge that I acquire.
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