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Is LIFE not a fifth force?

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    Why is life not included as a separate (fifth) fundamental force of nature? I’ve heard it said that life is more efficient at transforming energy (moving things around) than nuclear energy. This would seem to imply a force that is separate from the other 4. (I’m not necessarily talking about a unifying force, but only a separate one.) If the argument is because other forces are involved in biology, I would debate that basis. The other forces don’t seem to sufficiently explain or make up the force which animates organic matter into life. Besides, the strong nuclear force is involved in the existence of our earth but that doesn’t mean that another force (gravity) is not also/more present/responsible. If the argument against life being included is that we can’t explain life, then I would also debate that basis. Completely explaining a fundamental force is not required in order to identify it. I believe gravity has yet to be completely explained.

    (Gee, I hope this is not a “homework type question”. If so, sorry.)
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    Because no one has ever found a theory that describes life as a force. The reason that no one is looking for such a theory is that there's no evidence to support the idea that life doesn't fit into the framework defined by the theories that are already well understood
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    "Force" in physics has a more specific meaning than "something that motivates something." Life would not be a force in the same way that gravity or electromagnetism are.
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    In the English language sense of the word it (life) could well be the
    most powerful thing there is in the Universe. For example, with well placed lasers
    maybe in the future a black hole could be eliminated - even a Quasar!
    Life (knowledge derived from consciousness) has a mathematical and causal model of a Quasar, whereas the Quasar does not even know about 'us'.

    Information is not a force and has no mass - yet look how powerful it is! (in the normal sense of the word)

    Its just people here in this thread are saying its not an actual weak, strong, elecro or gravitational force as in physics defined. Its a bit geeky here sometimes.

    Its something else - far more important imho and not properly placed yet - probably because of religeous problems - e.g. life has a soul etc.

    God is not totally evil, just an underachiever.
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