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Is Nobody Excited about Sony's PSP?

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    Les Sleeth

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    I was a little surprised not to see any talk here about Sony's Playstation Portable. I got one the day they came out. I figured I would have limited use for it, like waiting to get my tires changed, or the morning visit to the bathroom, or during longs trips. Instead, I haven't been able to put it down, it's so much fun! It plays DVD quality (almost) movies, you can download music for it like an IPod, and of course play games. You can play games with other PSP users wirelessly too who are nearby.

    I am amazed at the quality of the gaming, Sony has done a great job. A particularly nice feature is being able to turn off the portable in the midst of a game, and then turn it on later to find the game right where you left it. That speed of access makes it tempting to take the PSP wherever I go, in or out of the house. It's a sexy looking thing too :tongue2: and with enough weight to make you feel like you are holding something substantial when playing.

    Anybody else love it?
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    My son has one...and he won't give it to me. On a recent trip, I made him drive so I could play with the Portable Playstation, everything about it was easy to use and fun.
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    Les Sleeth

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    Just keep reminding him who suffered hours and hours just to bring the little ingrate into the world o:), who he (probably) owes tons of money to :cry: , who loved him when nobody else did :!!), who he needs there to pick him up when he falls flat on his face :bugeye: . . . and then take the damn thing and have fun 'cause you deserve it.

    Sounds like trickery to me. You must be an experienced mom.
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    I bought one too, and I like it very much!
    I only bought it for the gaming, it would not have made any difference to me if it could not play movies and mp3's.
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