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Is portable generator a good idea?

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    I'm living in Canada.. It's been one week since we have no power in our home. We are finding it very difficult to do our works without the power supply. Last week there was a huge storm and we heard that many trees had fallen. So that may be the reason for the power cut. But we have to find some temporary solution for time being. My son said that we can buy a portable generator.

    Edit: Link deleted by mod, we're getting a lot of generator spam all of a sudden.

    Before purchasing it I would like to ask few suggestions from you all. Will this plan help us or should we think of some other method?? I don't want to waste my money simply, so I have to know whether portable generator will be effective during these type of long power cut?
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    How are you able to post, if you've had no power for a week?
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    If memory serves me well gas generator was what @turbo was using in emergencies. And it is definitely a way of dealing with lack of electricity, just check how much power you need and for what. Generator prices go up fast with the output power, and typical home appliances can be quite power hungry, so it is a matter of deciding how much you are willing to spend and what is really necessary and what can wait till you are connected back.
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    What essential things would you be thinking to use home-generated electricity for?
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    Thank you all for contributing, closing this thread since the OP never responded.
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