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Is the marble shot, fired, or thrown?

  1. Dec 21, 2012 #1
    I am not an expert or even a student of physics, but I am translating a document from Spanish to English that discusses the history of Newton and Kepler.

    My question is regarding frequently used terminology.

    I have a sentence that translates to this: “From the edge of a table, a marble is shot/(spring) fired/thrown horizontally at the same instant and from the same height that another marble is dropped.”

    Which is the more commonly used word in this instance; shot, fired, or thrown? The word used in Spanish can be interpreted as any one of these three but I am certain that there exists an often-repeated and accepted standard.

    Thank you in advance for your polite response.
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    Thrown would NOT be appropriate but either shot or fired would be OK. Personally, I would use shot.
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    Thank you. I will use 'shot'.
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    Yap, I'd say shot is the best translation. Just imagine some spanish non physicist translating physics text from english to spanish. He would probably be most confused by the word 'shot'.
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