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Is the maximum of a function in 3 space a constant?

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    I want to check with you guys:

    If [itex]\; A(R,\theta,\phi) \;[/itex] is a function of [itex] R,\theta,\phi\;[/itex] in 3 space. [itex]A_{max}\;[/itex] is the maximum value of A in a closed volume. Is [itex]A_{max}\;[/itex] a constant? Seem like it is a constant, but I want to verify.


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    Let the function be A = R*sin(theta)*cos(phi)

    The function is not constant but has maxima on the surface of a sphere of radius R.

    Does this help?
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    Yes, the maximum of a function in any space, is a single number and so is a constant.

    Note that this is not[]/b] a "local maximum" of which there may be many different values.
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