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Is the universe a huge capacitor?

  1. Jan 30, 2015 #1
    [Since "the universe is a capacitor" got zero hits on Google, I'm reasonably sure this is wrong, but I'm just not sure why it's wrong. Thanks in advance for your response.]


    Batteries and Capacitors, both store electrical energy.

    Energy in a battery is stored in the form of chemical energy, where as energy in capacitor is stored in the form of electric fields.

    1) There is a fixed finite amount of energy in the universe.
    2) the law of conservation of energy says that energy can neither be created nor destroyed,
    3) most of the energy in the universe is stored in the form of EM fields.

    Soooo..... doesn't it follow that the universe functions like a giant capacitor? Is this correct? Is the universe a giant capacitor?
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    Conservation of energy is a local phenomena that does not apply on cosmological scales, so the basis for your question is wrong and thus the question has no real answer (although "no" is not a bad answer).
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