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I Is there an English translation of Jacobi's work on mechanics?

  1. Aug 14, 2016 #1
    Hi folks,

    I am interested in the historical original documents.

    Newtonian mechanics could be learnt from--> Principia and Euler's Mechanica
    Lagrangian mechanics--> Analytical Mechanics
    Poisson--> I found his teatrise on mechanics where I expect to find out his "brackets", but I have not yet read the books.
    Hamiltonian mechanics--> I have found some papers "On a general method in dynamics"

    But I have no idea about the original papers of the "Hamilton Jacobi" formulation of mechanics. Is there anywhere an english version of Jacobi's work on this topic?

    Is there any book following the historical work from Jacobi?

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    Do you mean this one?

    Jacobi's lectures on dynamics

    Or this one?

    Jacobi, Carl Gustav Jacob (1996) [1848], Vorlesungen über analytische Mechanik, Dokumente zur Geschichte der Mathematik [Documents on the History of Mathematics], 8, Freiburg: Deutsche Mathematiker Vereinigung, doi:10.1007/978-3-322-80289-7, ISBN 978-3-528-06692-5, MR 1414679

    If it is the second one I don't know german.
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    The first should be. Jacobi, Carl Gustav Jacob (2009) [1866], Clebsch, A.; Balagangadharan, K.; Banerjee, Biswarup, eds., Jacobi's lectures on dynamics, Texts and Readings in Mathematics, 51, New Delhi: Hindustan Book Agency, ISBN 9788185931913, MR 2569315
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