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Is there some other way of controlling BP other than tablets?

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    i need to know if there is some other way of controlling BP other than tablets??? or one has to continue with tablets forever??
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    Depends upon how severe it is. W is on pills, but also has a strict diet (which she can't seem to stick to). Of course, smoking is a no-no. There are other lifestyle alterations that are beneficial, such as avoiding stress. You really have to ask your doctor to be sure.
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    aerobic excercise at least 30 minutes a day, maintaining body mass index near ideal ( don't get overweight), avoid salty foods ( although it looks like asians and african americans are more salt responsive hypertensives) . However, if there is a strong genetic component you may be doing all the above and still need blood pressure medicines ( I have a triathlete who has to take 3 pills to control his!) Both his parents had hypertension in their 20s and he is also african american. In addition, it looks like low potassium and low calcium can exacerbate hypertension so a diet rich in potassium and calcium may help.
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    Thanks for that, Adrenaline. If W was told about all of that stuff, she never mentioned it to me. I'll make her read your post.
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    I think it goes without saying that if your blood pressure is dangerously high and your doctor prescribes medication to bring it down TAKE THE MEDICATION!!!!

    Other things like diet and moderate excersize, with your doctor's approval is also good, but is not a substitute in a dangerous situation.

    My father suffered a massive stroke that left him paralyzed at age 52 then a second at age 53 that killed him.

    He was thin, fit, and ate a diet for his blood pressure, my entre life I never knew him to eat salt.
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    thanks for all the replies. actually my mum takes those tablets(she asked me ask this:)). anyways she is neither overweight nor is the salt quantity in our diet high. regular exercise is ON. but yes, my grandparents did suffer from hypertension and sugar, so she is a bit scared!!!!
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