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Is this equation linear or nonlinear?

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    is this equation linear or nonlinear??

    I am a little bit confused.. Is the following equations linear or non linear:
    (dy/dt)^2+2y(t) = x(t).
    (here i don't know if (d^2y/dt^2) = (dy/dt)^2 ,if this is true then i know it's linear)
    dy/dt +(sin(t))y(t) = dx/dt +2x(t)
    (does having derivative of x in the R.H.S make this equation non linear)
    y(t) = Sx(T)dT
    ('S' means integrated from -infinity to 't', 'T' means (tao)) i am thinking this is linear...

    Thanks in advance.
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    No they are not the same square of the first derivative not equal to the second derivative so its non linear..
    linear. y is a function of t not x Similarly x is a function of t

    last one linear
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