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Isolated phase buswork fan motor

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    I am looking for a replacement for a fan motor the runs off of induction from attached bus work. It is very specialized and I have not been able to find a manufacture. It was made by GE but not for years

    The original motor:
    MFG NO # 712-903074,MINIMUM EXCITATION 500 AMPS,

    any help would be great. see pictures

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    Wow. That's some motor.

    If it were me, I would be looking for a fan that in not a phase induction one. Maybe just a stand alone fan (single or polyphase).

    But I'll keep searching with you for a replacement.

    There may be a surplus motor somewhere. You might want to check with substation or power plant contractors.
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    the speed of the fan depends on the bus work loading. not sure why they made it over complicated.
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