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It is said that we can not go lower than the planck limit

  1. Feb 16, 2015 #1
    Hi. My nephew asked me a good question.

    I am trying to understand the planck limit. It is said that we can not go lower than the planck limit.
    But if we had a an imaginary powerful microscope to see at the plank level, and if we placed 2 planck end to end with "half" a planck sized length separating space between the plancks, does that half a planck space not conflict with the limit?

    Thank you ahead for your time and kindness to give a reply. :)

    Kind regards
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    Thanks, I checked wikipedia before posting but it did not answer my question. :/
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    What you can see at this distance is a subject of speculation. It is unclear whether the experiment you described is even possible. The wiki article is a good summary.
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    Would be rather blurred image to inspect
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    Exactly. Space can't be looked on as made up of Cuisenaire rods. The Planck Length is more of a notional thing than a division on a piece of graph paper.
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