Jakson/angular momentum in electric field

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does anybody know how we can aprove the conservation of anular momentum in electric/magnetic field? its problem 6.10 in jakson's booktahnx

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Hi freehuman79, welcome to PF:smile:

As per forum policy, we require that you show some attempt at the solution before we assist you. However, I'll start you off with a hint--- Try looking at the total torque on some charge and current distribution and follow a similar method as Jackson's derivation of conservation of linear momentum (eq. 6.121)

P.S. Please don't create multiple threads for the same question; that is also against forum rules. Since ths is essentially a homework problem, this is where this question belongs.
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I am really sorry if I broke the forum policy, bet let me insure to you that it is not homework problem. it is just the key idea of my new research.

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