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Java Cylinders

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    Why is this java code wrong? I'm unsure why java won't recognize radius and height. Both should be fields for any object of the Cylinder class. My declaration for PI may be off, but that doesn't produce an error.

    public class Cylinder {
    public static final double PI;

    public Cylinder (double a, double b)
    { double radius = a;
    double height = b;}

    double area = radius * radius * PI;
    double volume = PI * radius * radius * height;

    public static void main(String[]args)
    {Cylinder sample1 = new Cylinder (43.0,47.0);
    System.out.println("sample1 area is" + sample1.area);
    System.out.println("Sample1 volume is" + sample1.volume);
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    Optimization tip: You've already calculated the area of the base and stored it in the variable 'area'. Why calculate the area again when you calculate the volume of the cylinder? The volume is area * height.
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    You are declaring radius and height in the constructor and trying to access them outside of it at the class level when you create the area and volume variables. You can't do that.
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